Our Team

Here’s our core consulting team. Adept in helping individuals and teams discover and adopt positive change, and supported by formal qualifications and continual development to stay at the leading edge of science.

  • Mark Quirk
    Mark’s passion to make a difference led to the founding of Reach Remarkable, and drives an adaptive approach to enhancing human performance, whilst also increasing resilience and well-being for long-term impact.
    He has conducted primary research into the impact of mindfulness on resilience, and continues to seek ways to reach performance mastery in the workplace.

    Mark Quirk

  • Suzy Madge
    Record breaking ski mountaineer and adventurer, Suzy brings zest to every engagement, along with innovation in positive risk – creatively driving innovation and uniqueness

    Suzy Madge

  • Manny Kraus
    Manny is passionate about bringing positive psychology innovation to as many people as possible. Taking a unique approach to…

    Manny Kraus