Boost Achievement with the Performance Mindset

There is no single mindset.  Instead, each of us has a mindset related, for example, to elements of ourselves, our work lives, and how we learn and adapt.  This course explores mindset at the heart of three critical areas linked to our performance at work, namely:

    • Our approach to learning and growth
    • How we deal with stress and pressure
    • The impact of challenge and achievement

In each of these areas we will have a set of beliefs that despite being mostly unconscious, have an enormous influence on how we behave and respond to the circumstance in which we find ourselves.

Once we become aware of our own mindsets, we often find there is room for enhancement and change that may substantially improve our performance in key aspects of our life and work.

Key elements of course include:

    • What is mindset?
    • You are your mindsets, and how to change
    • Your approach to yourself – rethinking your thinking and reactions
    • How learning impacts resilience, and how to take advantage of it with the growth mindset
    • The good side of stress, and how to reach it

Our approach combines the realities of working life, with the support and input of scientific literature.  For example, we are building on the shoulders research psychologists, including the work of Prof. Carol Dweck who has spent more than forty years involved in the discovery and interventions of our intelligence mindset and how it impacts our growth and resilience.  Prof. Ellen J. Langer who has made huge contributions to our understanding of mindset in a wide variety of situations including intelligence, aging, and creativity.  More recently, Dr Alia Crum is extending the mindset groundwork to health and stress mindset, and Dr Angela Duckwork’s theory of performance and Grit.

The intention of this workshop is to bring the leading science of mindsets to the practicalities of the workplace – and in so doing, enhance the performance, wellbeing and resilience of the participants; enabling and enhancing work engagement – and ultimately, boosting positive achievement.

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