7-Weeks to Performance, Resilience & Wellbeing

Energy, engagement, motivation, tenacity, high performance and even happiness are among the characteristics that might be considered outcomes of high wellbeing and resilience.  This modular course approaches wellbeing and resilience with a holistic hat on, going beyond simply wellness, combining both physical and mental aspects to create helpful habits, and build the skills and mindsets of resilience for high performance.

Resilience course in summary

Typical course

1-hour taster session
– Seven modules, 2¼ hours per module
– CPD Accredited


– Performance and productivity
– Resilience and wellbeing
– Physical and mental health

Suitable for

– Teams
– Groups
– One-to-one

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“Really useful course with lots of evidence-based strategies on how to increase your wellbeing and resilience. If you practice these strategies, you will notice the difference it makes in your life.” -Ingrid

Reach Remarkable 6-Element Model of Performance, Resilience & Wellbeing

Course description

In recognition that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, this CPD Standards Office accredited course is designed to help each of us discover our own unique path.  Each module is delivered in a short session, typically two hours a week over seven weeks.  In each, we examine practical ways of enhancing resilience and wellbeing for performance and suggest experiments to undertake during the following week.  The modules are based on our unique 6-Element Model, itself informed by modern empirical science, to create useful change in our approach to work and life.  Each module is a mix of exercises, conversation and concepts designed to make the theory real and practical, supported by suggestions for delegates to implement them for themselves.

“I really enjoyed the course. There was so much to think about and lots of new concepts, which will be very useful going forwards. I could easily do the course again and still get lots out of it. Highly recommended!” -Georgie

Typical 7-week course outline

  • Module 1 – The Core: Understanding and implementing wellbeing & resilience
  • Module 2 – Working with Emotion: Our internal climate control
  • Module 3 – Awareness: The start of change and choice
  • Module 4 – What’s the Meaning?  Our why
  • Module 5 – Moving to Mastery: How we make our contribution
  • Module 6 – Physiology: Keeping the body in mind
  • Module 7 – From micro to macro: What now?

Combing the latest thinking, with practical approaches to implementation, our goal is simple – make a positive difference in the workplace that benefits each individual involved, the people they work with, and the outcomes they deliver in their role.

“An incredibly thought provoking course, with life long lesson to take away, from an incredible trainer.” -Charlotte Tickner

22 of the topic’s we’ll cover

  1. What are resilience and wellbeing?
  2. What does high-performance for you?
  3. How willpower and motivation impact us and using alternative approaches to achievement
  4. Understanding habit development and change
  5. How the stories we tell ourselves impact us
  6. Finding meaning and purpose
  7. Two very different ways of measuring wellbeing
  8. The value and problems of emotion
  9. Models of understanding emotion
  10. Developing emotional skills and emotional intelligence
  11. Managing or regulating emotion
  12. Understanding attention and awareness
  13. How attention impacts learning and engagement
  14. Brain regions and attention – frontal, left and right
  15. What is mastery
  16. Models of expertise
  17. What are mindsets and impact on learning and stress
  18. Key elements of physical wellbeing
  19. Approaches to good sleep
  20. Approaches to a good diet
  21. Approaches to staying active
  22. How the six-element model combines to support performance, resilience and wellbeing

7-Weeks to Performance, Resilience and Wellbeing is Acceredited by CPD Standards Office7-Weeks to Performance, Resilience and Wellbeing has been accredited by the CPD Standards Office and counts 16.45 hours towards CDP requirements.

“Very interesting – has definitely improved my awareness and improved the quality of my life.” -Dr Supriya McKenna

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