About Reach Remarkable

We help individuals and their teams achieve peak performance and productivity, emphasising resilience and wellbeing with our approach to complete health.  Focusing on performance improvement alone can lead to great short term results but may also contribute to burnout in the longer term.  We combine performance enhancement with improved resilience and holistic well-being, supporting sustainable long term performance and productivity.

Everything we do is informed by practical, real-world experience, coupled with scientific research from organisational psychology, performance psychology, positive psychology, and physiology disciplines.  Staying up to date with the latest research helps us stay at the leading edge of science, which we then apply in the workplace through training, consulting and coaching.

Reach Remarkable is a privately owned company based in Wokingham, UK.

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About the founder

Mark Quirk - Reach Remarkable

Reach Remarkable was founded by Mark Quirk, simply, to make a difference.  “I have more than 20+ years of first-hand experience in individual and management corporate roles, but after several years of positively manipulating those roles so that I could train, coach and support others, I decided that the world of computer software, which had supported me for 20+ years was going to become an ex-career, making space to go back to school for a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology, training in nutrition, and health coaching, and a whole new career working with people to help grow resilience, wellbeing and performance.”

Today, in businesses, schools, athletics and charities, he brings the years of research behind resilience, models of wellbeing, peak performance, brain science, mindsets, longevity, mindfulness and strengths into reality.

CPD Standards Office Accereditation for Reach Remarkable Ltd Mark Quirk BAMBA Registered Teacher February 2022 - 2023  Mark Quirk, Certified Master Health CoachFirstbeat Certified Provider