The state of our physical body has an impact on our mind.  For example, tiredness affects motivation, decision making, and coping with challenges. Whether it’s the length of time we sit at our desks, the snacks we choose to eat, or our approach to recovery, getting our body on-side is crucial.  It doesn’t require us to become athletes, but it does require, and is fully worthy of, planning and consideration.  And, we can even provide an objective way of measuring our well-being physiology, through our Lifestyle Assessment.

Reach Remarkable Air ElementAwareness

We are habit surfers, living most of the day through our automatic thinking and behaviour – from how we drive our cars, focus on our work, to how we interact with other people.  Our brilliant brains build these habits automatically and run them in the background without our conscious awareness.  In most situations, these habits are really helpful, but not in all!  And changing the ones that aren’t helpful starts with awareness.  But, it’s more than that.  Ultimately, what we focus on defines who we become… so, let’s make sure we actually choose!

Reach Remarkable Water elementMastery

Perhaps you’ve heard of the theory of ‘flow’, that productive state where we’re ‘in the zone’.  Faced with a challenge that goes beyond our current ability, our sense of mastery is tested, often pushing us out of the flow and into stress and anxiety.  Our individual mindset regarding stress, and our approach to being out of our comfort zone as we develop skills and grow, dictates a great deal about how we spend our precious effort.  Ultimately, we can take charge of how we develop mastery in the areas that are important to us.

Reach Remarkable Meaning elementMeaning

Our performance, resilience and wellbeing have a fundamental motivator, our reason why.  And the best ‘whys’ involve others and don’t have to be led by passion.  How we craft our own role around the things we value, appreciate our own strengths, and those of the people around us matter!  Meaning can make the difference between working because we have to, and achieving because we care to.

Reach Remarkable Fire elementEmotion

Our internal climate is far more impactful than many of us would care to admit.  Emotion is not just about how we feel, it’s also crucial to our motivation, decision making, relationships, performance and much more.  It is after all, at the heart of being human.  It’s responsible for our darker moments, but also for our brightest, and developing our emotional intelligence can genuinely make the difference between success and failure.

Reach Remarkable Atom ElementThe Core

We sometimes say that life is a journey… but there are many types of journey.  One along a straight never-ending road, with the same scenery, is tedious.  Learning is change, improvement is change, stagnation is not.  If we want to enhance our wellbeing and develop the skills of resilience, it really helps to have some support in establishing whatever change is necessary, and that’s at the core – the process of habits, goals and the story we tell ourselves.

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