Reach Remarkable Lifestyle Assessment

Manage stress, enhance recovery and be measure activity

Reach Remarkable Certifed Firstbeat Life PartnerReach Remarkable has partnered with Firstbeat to model your physiology. Using a unique multi-day, high fidelity heart rate variability monitor and analysis, we can visualise your bodies reactions to daily and environmental factors while you go about your day – whether at work, during leisure, and critically while you sleep, all using your personal device and an app on your phone.

The detailed analysis provides a complete picture of your physical health and performance, detailing periods of your day when your body was in stress, recovery and activity.

Manage stress and build your resources


Prolonged stress without the opportunity to recover can lead to overload and exhaustion. The Reach Remarkable Lifestyle Assessment, supported by a one-to-one review can highlight insufficient recovery levels before they become a serious problem. This information can help train our awareness, and support us in building preventative solutions that keep us energised.  The data is available in real-time on your phone, across multiple days of measurement.  To get a sense of the kind of data you’ll see, take a look at this example Lifestyle Assessment report.

Our Lifestyle Report can be included with our one-to-one services, or added to group training such as 7-Weeks to Performance, Resilience and Wellbeing. For groups, we provide a group report, and individual reports, with optional one-to-one follow-up.

Introducing the Lifestyle Assessment from Wellbeing Berkshire and Reach Remarkble

Watch this short video introducing the service and the Firstbeat recording device

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