Make Stress Productive

We all know that modern work life can be stressful, fewer staff and higher demands are where it’s at, and that was before the pandemic!  Understanding and knowing how to work with stress can make a huge difference to our productivity and wellbeing.  In this course, we’ll take a constructive stance to stress and staying productive at work.

Make Stress Productive course in summary

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Typical course

– Four weeks
– 2 hours per session


– Understand your mind in stress
– Create your proactive model of stress management
– Enhance your performance

Suitable for

– Teams
– Groups
– One-to-one

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Course description

Through a combination of learning, exercises and reflection we’ll take a proactive stance on stress.  Some stress can be helpful, so we won’t demonise it, but we will get clear on when it’s helpful or problematic and in either case how to work with it to restore a sense of control, build resilience and enhance performance.

Typically the course runs as four two hour sessions, over four weeks.  In between the sessions, delegates get to apply the approach they develop through the course and experiment in their actual work context.

The four course modules are:

  • Module 1: Understanding stress and resilience, and work with meaning
  • Module 2: Impact of awareness and introducing Mindfulness
  • Module 3: Our internal climate of emotion and how to work with it
  • Module 4: Using mindset to build constructive ways of working

Our approach is informed by evidenced science, is inclusive, engaging, and focused on practical outcomes.  We can also enhance the offering with objective physiological measures of stress and recovery, and we can also support delegates directly on a one-to-one basis where that’s appropriate.

Here are ten of the topics we’ll cover:

  1. A practical model for how the mind works
  2. How the physical and mental connect
  3. When stress is helpful and unhelpful
  4. How to work with attitudes
  5. Impact of self-talk and stories
  6. What is mindfulness
  7. How to take advantage of awareness
  8. The value of emotion
  9. Working with emotion
  10. How to approach challenges


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