Wellbeing and Resilience

Wellbeing and resilience are the foundations for sustained high performance and productivity.  But what are wellbeing and resilience?  In short, high wellbeing takes us beyond the point of being mealy not ill, towards thriving – having the reserve capacity, concentration and alertness to face our demanding roles.  Resilience is both the ability to bounce back in the face of unexpected challenge, but also the flexibily to apply the most appropriate skills, and awareness to sense when proactive action is needed to bring tasks back on track.

They are also highly related.  Being more resilient adds to our wellbeing by helping us deal more efficiently with adversity, and having higher wellbeing boosts our resilience by ensuring we have sufficient reserve or capacity.  But there is no ‘one’ way to increase these capacities, no single intervention, no one size fits all.  So our workshops and programmes combine multiple approaches in order that everyone can find something that fits them.

We also often tailor the approach to the organisation, but to start with, here are our three core offerings…

The Science of Wellbeing

The Science of Wellbeing

Learn more about the science of wellbeing and resilience, and how to implement it.

Workplace Retreat from Reach Remarkable

The Workplace Retreat

Do something a bit different for you next team off-site meeting.

Building Wellbeing and Resilience with Reach Remarkable

Building Wellbeing and Resilience at Work

Promoting mental health and wellbeing for resilience at work.

We’re happy to explore how we can help you enhance resilience and wellbeing in your organisation, get in touch

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