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Meditation ManSomtimes running a face-to-face course just isn’t practical – whether its for staff in multiple locations, or for those who are often travelling… whatever the reason if you would like to arrange an online course for your workplace, then do get in touch.  The course teaches core mindfulness skills, based on the most empirically validated approach to teaching the benefits of mindfulness.

Sessions typically run for an hour and a quarter per week, and help attendees to develop their own mindfulness practice.  This practice has been shown many times to be beneficial to most of those who practice, building resilience, enhancing well-being, and improving focus and clarity at work and at home (you can read more about the benefits of mindfulness in our post on Why Mindfulness?).

Like any skill, mindfulness requires practice – and this will be your main task as an attendee, practising the mindfulness exercises every day.  You will be provided with guided audio meditation recordings which can be listened to either over the internet, or by downloading to your favourite mobile device.

There will also be a private access course website, including weekly guidance, discussion forum, links to supporting science papers, and the guided meditation.

Why take this course?

Firstly to increase the good stuff:

  • Better ability to choose and maintain your focus
  • Improve clarity in decision making
  • Greater resilience
  • And, improved well-being

… And secondly, to reduce the bad stuff like:

  • Stress and anxiety

Course elements

Over the eight weeks of the course, here’s some of what we’ll incorporate:

  • Understanding mindfulness
  • Try a range of different mindfulness practices
  • Understanding your own mental processes
  • Developing personal mastery
  • Dealing with challenging situations
  • Developing your own mindfulness practice

Finally, the course is taught by Mark Quirk MSc who has conducted primary research into the application of meditation in the workplace, holds a master’s degree in applied positive psychology, and has attended formal mindfulness teacher training run according the UK Network for Mindfulness-based Teacher Training Organisations. Naturally, he also has his own regular mindfulness practice.

Below you’ll find a frequently asked questions section, but do get in touch to discuss any aspect of course with Mark!



What are the computer / technical requirements to attend?

A Windows or Mac PC, with an up-to-date web browser, a reliable internet connection, and a microphone (built into most laptops) are ideal to run the webinar software.  An Apple iPad or modern Android tablet may also be suitable.

Is this a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) or Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) course?
This course is based on a combined MBSR, MBCT 8-week approach to learning mindfulness.  It isn’t a full official MBSR/MBCT course which would normally be taught face-to-face, for 2 – 2.5 hours per session, and requires meditation practice typically of 40+ minutes per day.  So, this online course makes some practical adjustments, reducing the teaching time to 60-75 minutes per week (2.5 hours online is looooong), with shorter mindfulness meditation practices.  Of course, the shorter practices can be extended to any length you like.

Reach Remarkable does offer face-to-face, MBSR/MBCT based courses run in the workplace.  You can read more on our Mindfulness at Work section.

Do I need to be able to sit in the lotus position or any other special position?
No!  There is no special sitting position or physical requirements.  For a sitting meditation the suggestion is to sit upright, with your upper body self-supporting (for example, away from the back of a chair).  But if that isn’t practical, then you can sit however you choose.

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