At Your Best – Under Pressure

At Your Best - Under PressureHow do you perform under high pressure?  Whether on the spot in front of an audience, or to an important and looming deadline, the addition of more pressure rarely improves our performance or productivity.  Of course, some pressure is useful, it can create the motivation that keeps us working hard – and perhaps you’ve heard the term ‘pressure promoted’, but performing at our best under high pressure, and being motivated enough to work hard, are not the same thing.

The researchers in the field of behavioural economics, organisational psychology and sports psychology have often demonstrated a paradox – that we increase pressure when critical performance is required, but that high pressure in fact reduces performance.

So, if the stress created by too much pressure to perform actually reduces performance, what can we do about it?  Plenty of things… as we cover in our workshops, talks and coaching sessions.  From a range of in-the-moment techniques, planned approaches, and long term strategies, performing At Your Best – Under Pressure will help you or your team make the most of pressure filled situations, whether in-the-moment, or in the face the many pressures we may meet at work.

What does At Your Best – Under Pressure offer?

    • Understand yourself under pressure – as an individual and a team
    • Learn approaches to make the best of high challenge situations
    • Turn stress to your advantage
    • Learn in-the-moment techniques to deal with pressure
    • Explore longer-term strategies and skills to adeptly deal with pressure

Delivered as a one day workshop, multi-week programme, and even introduced in a one hour talk, start to learn about how pressure can affect performance and productivity – and how to make the most of it.

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