Data Driven Wellness

Making stress, exercise and sleep visible in a powerful new way.

How is your body responding to the stresses and strains, or joys of work and life?  Imagine being able to see how your body responded to that critical meeting, the lunch-and-learn, or the walk in the park, or how much recovery your body is getting through your sleep.

Wellness Lifestyle Assessment Report clip of Busy WorkdayThat’s what we can do using  high-quality physiology monitoring over a period of days.  Then, through a detailed heart rate variability analysis, we produce a graphical lifestyle assessment linked with your daily activity and sleep, using this as the starting point for individual learning and coaching. Using this objective picture allows us to create a tailored approach to developing your wellness and overall wellbeing.Reach Remarkable 6-Element Model of Performance, Resilience and Wellness

We don’t stop with the physiological, we combine it with psychological into a holistic method for personal development, using our unique 6-Element Model.

With this model we help you develop the core habits of wellness along-side the skills of resilience, which together provide the critical ground work to long-term performance and growth at work.

Our approach allows us to work with groups or with individuals, but whatever you have in mind, it always starts with a conversation, so get in touch …

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