Positive Performance


Sustainable High Performance and Wellbeing

This programme is about achieving high levels of performance, whilst also maintaining high levels of well-being and resilience.  Too often high performance comes at a cost, a personal cost in wellbeing and relationships, which as modern organisations understand, is not a sustainable model.

In this programme, there is a strong focus on achieving high performance using a sustainable approach that is both good for business, and for teams and individuals.

We use science in positive and organisational psychology to measure, educate and inform in four primary areas:


High Performance ImageWhat does it take to perform at your highest level – as an individual, and as a team?  In this module, we will show you:

*  The elements that lead to high performance
*  How the keys to high performance relate to you
*  Why and how they impact your success
*  How you can integrate them into your work



mas2By definition, mastery is difficult to achieve, but it is possible.  What can we do now to achieve our own mastery – and how does that contribute to team productivity?  This module covers:

*  The science of mastery
*  Support system required for mastery
*  How to reach ultimate workplace performance
*  Creating your own mastery plan




The scientific study of human flourishing is a model for reaching the peak of wellbeing and performance.  In this module, we identify the activities that will:

*  Improve performance – personal and professional
*  Show you how to hack your brain to enhance your performance state
*  Help you see your work in a new light



brnlubeThe above three modules focus on the mental aspect of the workshop.  This closing module is dedicated to physiology:

*  How to look after your brain!
*  Negate the effects of ageing
*  Demonstrate optimum performance state, and how to maintain it


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