Inspired Speaking


What is Inspired Communication?

It’s the way you present your message and the stories you use. 

So whether you’re sharing a compelling vision to inspire others in-house, selling the company’s products to potential customers,
or explaining the intricacies of a programming algorithm, we offer two workshops that will make your message effective and memorable.


craftDon’t just dish out information, craft a story instead.  This is what will help you stand out from the crowd.  Simply listing the features and benefits of your products and services is nowadays no longer enough to win new customers.

The same is true for internal communication, team members are so busy that garnering support for anything new is really tough.  We can help you get your message noticed, make your story memorable and differentiate you from the competition.


inspspk2How many times have you sat at a presentation and couldn’t wait for it to be over?

Our Inspired Speaking workshop will take you beyond simple presentation skills and coach you to make an amazing impact  on your audience.

Break the Rules!  That’s what many great speakers do.  That’s one of the secrets.  We’ll help you understand these rules and show you how to break them to turn yourself into a remarkable speaker.



spkcoachingHave a pending presentation where you want to impress?

With our Inspired Speaker Coaching we will work alongside you, help you craft your message, be a sounding board and help you adjust your approach to fit the audience, acting as confidant, critic and your champion.

This is a great way to get tailored, one-to-one support for that critical presentation where good enough simply isn’t good enough, and you want to be at your inspiring, remarkable best.

Get in touch to find out how we can work together to meet your inspired communication requirements.