Core Mindfulness at Work


Improved focus, reduced stress, greater resilience

 This eight week, or shorter ‘intense’ course teaches leaders and knowledge workers core mindfulness practice skills (see our post, Just what is mindfulness?).  Using the most empirically validated approach to teaching the benefits of mindfulness, sessions as short as an hour a week help attendees develop their own mindfulness practice.  This practice has been shown many times to be beneficial to most of those who practice, building resilience, enhancing well-being, and improving focus and clarity at work.

Why mindfulness? The scientific evidence for mindfulness practice continues to mount up, from mental flexibility and creativity, to improved focus and stress reduction. So, alone mindfulness is a beneficial practice – and together with a focus on the workplace, can be hugely beneficial for those who choose to create a mindfulness practice.  Also see our posts Why Mindfulness? and Mindfulness at work.

Why take this course?

Firstly to increase the good stuff:

  • Better ability to choose and maintain your focus
  • Improve clarity in decision making
  • Increased opportunity for creativity
  • Greater resilience
  • And, improved well-being

… And secondly, to reduce the bad stuff like:

  • Workplace stress and anxiety

Course elements

Over the eight weeks of the course, we’ll incorporate:

  • Understanding mindfulness
  • Try a range of different mindfulness practices
  • Understanding your own mental processes
  • Developing personal mastery
  • Dealing with stressful situations
  • Developing your own mindfulness practice
Get in touch to discuss out how we can work together to help your team or group take the next leap in performance and well-being.