Performance, resilience and wellbeing programmes

Here are our multi-module programmes to support deep learning for performance, resilience and wellbeing. Each of them is made of modules that are ideally run with a multi-day gap in between them to provide the opportunity for personal experimentation and to develop and learn from our own experience.  We’ve found that this multi-week process really helps to deeply embed the learning.

Our three Performance, Resilience and Wellbeing training programmes

Make Stress Productive

– Four modules, 2 hours each
– Understand stress
– Enhance performance

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7-Weeks to Performance, Resilience and Wellbeing

– Seven modules, 2¼ hours each
– Resilience for performance
– Physical and mental wellbeing

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Mindfulness at Work

– Eight modules, 2 hours each
– Emotional intelligence
– Mental wellness

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Something else?

These are our core programmes.  Do get in touch to learn more or perhaps you like what you see, but if you think something more custom will be more helpful, then we’d be very happy to talk about designing something to support you.