The Mindful Performance Advantage at Work

The Mindful Performance AdvantageThis course helps leaders and knowledge workers improve and sustain high performance and build resilience, while at the same time maintaining high well-being. Flexibly run in either a classic eight week format in manageable two and a half hour slots, or at the other extreme as an intense delivery over two full days.  It teaches multiple scientifically validated approaches to high performance, with mindfulness practice at its core (what is mindfulness?), enhancing our presence and thinking when we need it the most.

A focus on high performance alone can lead to great short term results, but it can also come with the negative longer term impact associated with the pressure to perform. Whereas, by combining high-performance and well-being, we aim to reap both short and long term advantages.



Reach Remarkable 6-Element Model of Performance, Resilience and WellbeingThe course engages the Reach Remarkable 6-Element Model of high performance, resilience and well-being, incorporating skills mastery, strengths, and stress models, along with a modern scientifically validated approach to mindfulness meditation practice.

Why mindfulness? The scientific evidence for mindfulness practice continues to mount up, from mental flexibility and creativity, to improved focus and stress reduction. So, alone mindfulness is a beneficial practice – and together with a focus on the workplace, and the traditional elements of high performance, it’s a powerful combination.

Why take this course?

Firstly to increase the good stuff:

  •  Better ability to choose and maintain your focus
  • Improve clarity in decision making
  • Increased opportunity for creativity
  •  Better emotional intelligence
  • Overall, improved workplace performance
  • Greater resilience
  • And, improved well-being

… And secondly, to reduce the bad stuff like:

  • Workplace stress and anxiety

Course elements

Over the eight weeks of the course, we’ll incorporate:

  • Understanding mindfulness and performance
  • Personal mastery
  • Strengths
  • Personalising performance
  • Dealing with stress
  • Social capital
  • Skills mastery
  • Physiology & well-being
  • Mindfulness practice
Get in touch to discuss out how we can work together to help your team or group take the next leap in performance and well-being.

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